Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are a safe way to make your living space smell fantastic and allow you to enjoy the calming and relaxing effects of aromatic scents.

Typically, a 100ml reed diffuser will last up to a month.
Larger spaces like living room, entry halls might need 6-8 reeds.
Smaller spaces such as bathrooms, guestrooms, office might need 4-6 reeds.
Start with a lower number and increase according to you needs or desires, if too strong remove a reed or two.
Reed diffusers rely on air circulation to emit the scent, so placing them in high traffic areas where people move about will provide best results

Oil Diffuser Sticks/Reeds

Rattan reeds are the most commonly used reeds. Both bamboo and rattan reeds contain hollows which store liquid, but rattan reeds have more structured channels than bamboo.
Bamboos reed are more porous and can eventually clog, minimizing or even stopping it from distributing scent.

Additional Information

  • Place the diffuser in a high traffic space such as living entryway or bathroom.
  • Avoid putting the reed diffuser anywhere that’s too warm, especially in direct sunlight. Higher temperatures will evaporate the fragrance a lot faster.
  • Avoid placing diffuser beside an open window as air flowing in and out depletes the fragrance and weakens the scent.
  • For larger spaces, use two diffusers of the same scent instead of trying to increase the number of reeds in one diffuser.
  • Flip the reeds once a week, careful not to drip liquid on clothing, or surfaces to avoid stains. Wear gloves or a cloth to avoid contact with skin, and eyes as irritation can occur.