Wickless Candles

A wickless candle allows you to enjoy the fragrance and ambiance safely without the flame. Each wickless candle is hand crafted and hand poured to give you the best scent experience possible.

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Wax Melts

Set the perfect aroma and ambiance of your living space with a scented wax melt. Our wax melts are hand crafted with a soy blend wax and quality fragrance oils. Place a couple of cubes in a warmer and enjoy!

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  • Wickless Candles

    Unlike a traditional wicked candle, wickless candles use a warmer, These type of candles work best using an overhead warmer.

  • Sachets

    Our handmade sachet scented air freshners are small pouches filled with scented beads that are designed to emit a pleasant fragrance and freshen the air in a particular area.
    Sachets are commonly used in enclosed spaces like drawers, closets, lockers, gym bags and especially in automobiles.

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